Website Speed and Performance

In the fast and modern internet world instant results is key to your success, if your site is even taking a couple of seconds to load up then this can put you at a disadvantage, this is where website speed and performance come in.

A good performing website is more important now google take into account the performance of page loading and navigation.

It’s also important to hold the end users interest without struggling with glitches and slow page loading. Users these day want pages to load up quickly, studies have shown that website users will abandon a website if they have to wait longer than a couple of seconds.

What We Do.

All our websites have performance built into them by using good web design practices such as caching, scaling images and optimised loading op modules.

before your website is launched we run a 25 point metric program to ensure that the website is performing at a good level and is search engine friendly so that you get seen.

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