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WordPress Themes Explained

Themes are what make your WordPress site come alive and give your own site it’s unique identity and user experience.  You can spend days and days looking for WordPress themes, I know I have. Themes are very versatile, from when you first set-up a WordPress site there are various default and a couple of basic themes which you can modify to your heart content, if you are really ambitious then you can even create you very own theme, but the point of most themes is to get a good looking  website  quickly and easily.

Free or Paid

WordPress.org have their own theme repository with paid and free themes. There are quite a few companies out there which offer a portfolio of themes which have both paid and free offerings. The difference between the two is the paid version will come with extras such as dedicated support and extra enhancements  and features. The free version has a lot of the features but without the premium options and usually without the full support, although you will always have a theme forum as standard to ask general support questions.



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