WordPress Support Services

WordPress support services

AgentCare WordPress support services

WordPress is a great platform for getting yourself on line easily, quickly and very cost effectively. As your business or blog grows the time you had to work on your site may diminished, but issues still appear and you would still like to be involved in every aspect of the site. This is where Agent care can uniquely provide you with the best support service as and when you need it.   Over the course of working with us you will get to talk to the same team of developers and build a trusting relationship as they deliver your requirements.

Give it a go!

If you need anything changing on your WordPress site such as the size of the post titles or you need a plugin or the WordPress framework updated then we will take care of it for you. Before we do any work on your site we ensure that the whole site is fully backed up so there are no risks that your website will be broken.

The process

We generally like to break down jobs into smaller tasks which take about half an hour to complete, this ensure that you keep the continuity and minimise disruption on your website. You can post as many small jobs as you like with our unlimited packages and we will aim to get them all completed. Overloading your job list may slow down the process so be sure to submit small changes regularly spread out over the month and the work will be done quicker.

I hope  you will find this service useful, there is no contract to tie you into to the service, you can sign up for a month and give it a go, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, if you are not completely happy with the service then we will offer you a full refund for that month.

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