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Choosing a Hosting Provider

AgentCare do not provide hosting packages but we can guide and help you choose a hosting package that is right for you..

As you may know you can create a WordPress website on wordpress.com which is a great place to start learning about WordPress, it a brilliant place to see all that is possible with WordPress.  When you create a website  at wordpress.com your URL (your web address) will have your own unique name and then .wordpress unless you pay for a URL and Hosting plan on the WordPress servers.  So far so good but what if you already have a hosting package, or you find a better deal, or you want a UK based host, what are your options.

Hosting Requirements

Although there are not that many special requirements when it comes down to hosting packages some companies make it easier than others such as offer WordPress Hosting packages . What you do need to be aware off when purchasing your hosting package it that you are buying the correct platform,and that is generally Apache, WordPress code language is PHP.  Although it is still possible to run a WordPress site on a Windows server I always say if possible then go with an Apache Linux server.

Does it matter where the site is hosted?

It all depends where the majority of your customers are and ensuring that your pages are served by the server as fast as possible. If you have the majority of your customers in the USA then it maybe worth while having a server located in the states. For me I want the server to be as close as possible to my audience base and I want to know that I have got support when I need it. There are some very good Hosting companies in the UK now which have identified the popularity of WordPress and have set up special hosting packages at competitive prices.


TSOHost are a UK based Hosting provider who have a special WordPress package. I have recently changed over to this hosting and have been completely happy with their service.

WHUK are a solid UK company which offer great cloud hosting package including a special WordPress hosting package

We cant over look GoDaddy who have a managed WordPress package and really good prices

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